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EFT Payment - Sundancer Buses BSB: 083-405 ACC: 153858198

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PS: Credit Card Payments will be shown on Statement as Sundancer Buses Pty Ltd

Security Deposit / Bond / Road Tolls A Security Bond is Required for the Bus Service you intent to book. This can be covered by Credit Card provided. Credit Card payments attract 2% per transaction charges. Tolls are extra and paid by customer .

Secutity bond $350 Aud

Terms & Conditions

This agreement between Sundancer Buses and the hirer is to provide transport from the pick-up point/s indicated above to the drop off point/s indicated above within the time limit indicated above.

It is the responsibility of the hirer who is the person signing hereunder to ensure the passengers:

  • Keep to timetable or pay overtime rates as charged by the company.
  • No drink spills on seat.
  • Behave in a responsible manner.
  • Leave the vehicle clean and remove all rubbish.
  • Any damage to the vehicle will be chargeable to the hirers credit card for all repaires
  • No soilage of any sort in the bus including vomits No smoking. No glass stubbies or bottles, Strictly can or plastic bottle drinks only. Drink glasses must be plastic. Put rubbish in bags. Sundancer Buses reserves the right to cancel service at any time with no reimbursement due to passengers acting in an anti-social and or dangerous manner.

Whilst the consumption of alcohol is a part of many people's social life, we encourage those who choose to drink, to do so responsibly. Unfortunately, some people over-indulge and can become unruly and disruptive. This type of behaviour is unacceptable, as it may threaten the welfare and safety of others, and may result in serious consequences.

Responsible consumption of alcohol is your responsibility and in your best interest. Every person’s body reacts differently to the consumption of alcohol. Understanding your own limitations is important and will aid in ensuring you consume alcohol responsibly. Responsibilities of all Patrons Travelling with SUNDANCER BUSES PARTY BUS. Must produce upon request appropriate proof of age documentation at the time of pick-up Must not bring Glass drinking Vessels on the vehicle Must not smoke on the vehicle Must not take Alcohol off the vehicle during the course of the trip Must not any stage while traveling disembark from the vehicle? Must not behave in a manner likely to distract the driver of the vehicle Must not urinate in a public place, Including a street, lane, alleyway or doorway Must not litter? Including empty drink containers, food wrappings or cigarette butts Must not vandalize any property whatsoever Must not make unreasonable excessive noise Must not bring, consume or distribute illegal drugs Must not behave in a violent or aggressive manner towards staff or any other member of the public Must not behave in an indecent or offensive manner to others Must comply with all directions given by staff whilst on charter Have a SAFE GREAT night out! Must comply with all directions by Police officers or compliance inspectors, including a direction to produce proof of age documentation. offence Under the Summary Offences Act 1966, It is an offence to be drunk or drunk and disorderly in a public place. In addition, the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 prohibits: Underage drinking Anti-Social behaviour in and around licensed premises Disturbance of the neighbourhood amenity Refusing a direction by a police member or compliance Inspector Patrons who do not comply with the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 may be guilty of an offence and issued an infringement notice or be ordered by a court to pay a fine. Responsibility of the Bus Operator and Host: The operator of the party bus and the appointed host will promote the responsible behaviour of patrons, including responsible consumption of alcohol. To meet this requirement, the operator and the appointed host will comply with the following: If visiting licensed premises during the trip, notify the owners beforehand of the date, approximate time and number of people who are attending. Avoid entering into any agreements with licensed venues that encourage irresponsible consumption of alcohol. Display a BYO permit in a prominent place on the bus. Display the following signs, approved by the Director Of Liquor Licensing, in a prominent place on the bus: Intoxication Be safe in public places. We have provided the hirer with a copy of the Code of Conduct attached to their booking form, and make a verbal announcement about patron responsibilities and prohibited behaviours at the commencement of the trip. Check the patron's proof of age documentation and refuse entry to unaccompanied minors. Refuse entry to any patron who appears to be intoxicated at the commencement of the trip. If stopping at one or more destinations during the trip, remove any alcohol still remaining at the first venue stop, place it in a storage area within the bus, and return it to patrons at the end of the trip. If stopping at any licensed premises during the trip, inform staff members or crowd controllers about any patrons who appear to be intoxicated. Monitor the amount of alcohol consumed and attend to any patron who appears to be intoxicated by Asking the patron to remain on the bus with the buddy to sober up. Arranging a taxi for the patron, if practicable. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that patrons do not cause a public nuisance- for example: littering, making excessive noise, congregating in a public place, or behaving in an offensive or indecent manner. Allow a Police Officer or Compliance Inspector onboard to carry out their function under the Liquor Control Reform Act. Abide by road laws relating to parking near and around venues to ensure passenger safety when boarding/ disembarking. Subsequent Offences: The Liquor Control Reform Act prohibits behaviour including: Allowing patrons to bring or consume alcohol on the bus without a BYO permit. Permitting underage drinking Refusing a direction by a Police Officer or Compliance Inspector.


Customers must inspect the buses prior to their departure and report/text with pictures of any damage noticed before starting their journey and inform in 0414743130, otherwise, anything noticed by us after your journey will be deemed as a damaged caused during your time of hire and thus becomes your responsibility to pay for any repairs/replacement, etc .

Please note: Buses will not stop on the side of roads/streets for toilet breaks. Constant requests or threats to the driver will cause loss of security bond as it’s against law and we are liable for penalties if caught. ( So Pitt stops in designated areas strictly )